Updates to Basic Tenant Screening

Tenant Screening, previously known as Basic Tenant Screening is one of two ways to perform a credit and background check on an applicant in Buildium (the other being Enhanced Tenant Screening). In order to provide the best possible screening experience for both you and your applicants, we are making some important changes to Basic Tenant Screening on Tuesday, May 24th.


Recommendations will no longer be included

Tenant Screening is powered by TransUnion, allowing applicants to consent to and order a screening report including their credit, criminal, and eviction history. As part of this report, TransUnion has shown a leasing recommendation based on the data presented in the credit report—an applicant with a low credit score may produce a "low accept" or "decline" recommendation, whereas an applicant with a higher credit score may be "recommended". 

With upcoming changes to Basic Tenant Screening, TransUnion’s recommendation will no longer be presented

While we understand that the removal of recommendations may take some getting used to, Tenant Screening will continue to include credit, criminal, and eviction reports (where available). TransUnion is still providing all of the elements that went into creating a recommendation, so you can confidently make an informed decision on your applicant. 

Credit Score = ResidentScore

Previously, credit reports produced during Basic Tenant Screening would show a “Credit Score,” but it wasn’t always clear which credit score this was referring to. This number is and always was TransUnion’s ResidentScore, and moving forward, the Tenant Screening credit report will accurately label the credit score as ResidentScore. 

For more information on TransUnion ResidentScore, check out this post from TransUnion.

The Basic Tenant Screening order process will now live in Applicant Center

Basic Tenant Screening orders have traditionally been completed through a separate TransUnion order flow. Once the Screening was ordered, an email would be sent to the Applicant to complete the process. At times, this may create confusion with applicants, as they may feel like they’re being bounced across multiple platforms and order forms to get through the application process. Additionally, since this process existed outside of Buildium, there wasn’t always as much visibility into status or challenges. 

To improve this experience for both you and for your applicants, Tenant Screening will now live in Applicant Center, allowing applicants to process their Screening order in the same place they completed their application. They will be able to clearly see their current status in the process and identify any next action to take or issue to resolve. For you, all of these updates will also be visible in Buildium, so everyone’s on the same page for what needs to happen next. Having this improved visibility will enable you to more easily support applicants, troubleshoot issues, and get real-time status. 


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