Obligo is a Buildium Marketplace partner. Marketplace offers a collection of pre-built integrations that can be added to your account with just a few clicks—no coding required. Visit marketplace.buildium.com to learn more. 

Say goodbye to security deposit management. Leverage Obligo's deposit-free integration with Buildium to streamline your leasing and accounting operations, boost your bottom line, and power a better resident experience. Obligo simplifies the rental experience with certified electronic payment processing and the best-in-class deposit-free rental program, all fully integrated into your workflow. 

  • Save Time: No more tracking, depositing and posting move-in and move-out payments
  • Accelerate the Leasing Process: Approved new residents in Buildium are automatically invited to live deposit-free with Obligo
  • Instant and Paperless Sign-Up: Renters can complete move-in right from their phone
  • No More Manual Ledger Updates: Receipts and deductions are automatically generated in Buildium

To learn more about Obligo and their Buildium integration, click here!

Getting Started

NOTE: To add Obligo (or any other Marketplace partner) to your Buildium account, you'll need an Administrator on your Buildium account to complete the integration process. 

  1. In the bottom left-hand corner of Buildium, select the Integrations menu—just above Settings & Help & Support. 
    • Screen_Shot_2022-03-01_at_4.13.12_PM.png
  2. Click on Marketplace.
    • You may be asked for your Buildium login to confirm access to Marketplace.
  3. From the Marketplace homepage, you'll be presented with a directory of all Marketplace partners. Find and select Obligo.
    • You can either search for Obligo by name, scroll the alphabetically-sorted directory, or narrow your search by Categories. Obligo is listed under the Resident Services category.
  4. On the Obligo partner page, select the orange Add to Buildium button Screen_Shot_2022-03-01_at_4.20.54_PM.png
    • You will be asked for your Buildium login to confirm that your user role is permitted to install Marketplace integrations to your Buildium account.
  5. Review the list of permissions that Obligo will need to connect to your Buildium account, and if you'd like to proceed, review and accept the Terms and Conditions, and click Allow access.
  6. You'll now be taken through the Obligo setup process to get started!


For help with your Obligo account, you can reach the Obligo support team by email at support@myobligo.com

Buildium Marketplace partners connect to your Buildium account and access specific types of data so that you don't have to manage two separate sets of information. Marketplace partners can either View data (data entered in Buildium is pushed into the partner's app or service) or Edit or Delete data (changes made in the partner's app or service are reflected in your Buildium account, automatically).

It's important to know how your integration connects in case you need to troubleshoot an issue when something doesn't look right.


Obligo is able to View the following:

  • Accounting > General Ledger Accounts and Transactions
  • Rentals > Rental properties and units, Rental Owners, Leases, Lease transactions, Tenants, and Outstanding Balances. 

If any of the information in your Obligo account related to these data types doesn't look right to you, double-check that this information is entered correctly in Buildium.  


Obligo is able to Edit the following:

  • Rentals > Leases, Lease transactions.


Obligo is not able to Delete any data in your Buildium account at this time.


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