Coming Soon: Activity Feed for the Buildium mobile app

With the activity feed for the Buildium Mobile app, you get a real-time view of all the activity going on in your account with live updates about tasks, work orders, and communications all in a single place so you can stay informed and on-the-go.

What is the activity feed: 

A new dashboard view within the Buildium Mobile app that gives you a real-time list of past and current activity across your account. Activity highlights include: 

  • New incoming task
  • New tasks assigned to you 
  • Updates to a task you’re assigned to
  • Someone other than the assignee sets the task as “closed”
  • New Work Orders created
  • Work order assigned to you
  • Update to a work orders
  • New text messages received from a Resident

How to view new activities: 

If you have push notifications turned on, you will receive a notification on your phone as each new activity occurs ex: when you receive a new message from a resident. 


To view all new and past activities, simply open the mobile app and your new view will be the activity feed. If there are new activities since the last time you opened the app, there will be a button at the top of the feed “new activities”. Tap that button to refresh the feed and all new activities will load. 


You can scroll through the activity feed to see all past activities.

How to use the activity feed: 

From the activity feed, you can tap into each activity and be taken directly to that relevant screen. For example, if you see a new task has been created, tapping on that activity will take you right to the task itself where you can view details or make updates. Or tapping on a new message activity will take you right to that message chain with the resident. 

You can also click on a push notification for an activity which will then open the app and take you directly to that particular task, work order, or message. 


Activity Feed Settings

You can snooze push notifications with the Do Not Disturb feature at the top of the screen represented by a Bell. Or you can schedule specific times to snooze notifications from the settings menu.


To change the types of notifications you get in the activity feed, navigate to “more” in the bottom toolbar, then settings >> notifications 


From here you can toggle on/off for: 


  • Incoming requests
  • Updates and assignments 

Work orders

  • New work orders
  • Updates and assignments 

Text messages 

  • New messages

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