Task Analytics provides you with metrics that help inform real-time, operational decisions like staffing needs, prioritization and coordination.

With these metrics, you’ll get real time views of open tasks by category, priority, assignee and task type to help coordinators and managers better understand open items and distribute work more effectively. 

And now, you can see all open tasks on a geographical map that highlights the task priority, so you can see what tasks need immediate attention and where they are.

Note: Task Analytics are available in the Growth and Premium Plans only.


Task Analytics can be found in a new section within the “All Tasks” page in Buildium. Here you will find the following task related metrics displayed in easy to read visualizations: 

Note: All Task Analytics data are updated once every 24 hours. If a task was just created within the last few hours, it may not yet be included in the data. We are working to have this data refreshed in real time and will communicate that update when it happens. 


Open task geographical map  

The open tasks map will give maintenance coordinators a clear view of where tasks are and what the priority level is so they can assign tasks based on the location of the work and minimize the time staff needs to commute to properties and assess or complete the work. 

Open tasks by assignee

The open tasks by assignee chart gives maintenance managers a quick and easy reference to see how many tasks each maintenance staff member is currently working on. This allows you to determine who is available and to whom you can assign more tasks or reallocate work. 


Open tasks by status 

The open tasks by status chart provides you with a breakdown of the ratio of new to open tasks. Using this ratio you can measure whether or not your maintenance staff are keeping up with incoming task volume.  


Open tasks by priority 

Use the open tasks by priority graph to  make sure that as many urgent tasks as possible are appropriately assigned, so that the most serious and high priority maintenance issues are getting taken care of first and residents are kept happy.


Open tasks by type 

It’s important to understand the origin of open tasks, so that you can consider client and customer SLAs when prioritizing tasks. With the open tasks by type chart you'll get a full view of where your tasks originated, whether it's resident requests, owner requests, to dos, or contact requests. 


Open tasks by category 

With the chart that shows open tasks by category, you will see the current number of tasks within each category at the property-level. Having this insight gives you the opportunity to assign someone with a particular skill set to that specific task category like housekeeping, maintenance, pest control etc. 



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