With our latest update we’ve made managing and sharing tasks more efficient than ever by making it easier to see how a task will be shared, who it will be shared with and when they will be notified. 


Updates include:

More sharing options 

Expanding the sharing options to clearly explain what is being shared, and where it is being shared to

  • Recipients who are required to see the update will be locked as recipients, and explainer text will clarify the details how these will be shared
  • Recipients who are optional but could see the task updates will be presented as optional with explanation of the details of how these will be shared



Dynamic sharing options

Options to share with Rental Owners or Board Members will be presented only when an edit is made that makes sharing with these users applicable



Task sharing email template updates 

We’ve also updated the task sharing Email templates to

  • make it more clear what the update/notification is about
  • present clear call to action that will send users into their portal to view the update 
  • pull in your company branding 

Note: if you have customized the task sharing email template, you will have until early April before you see these changes in your account in order to provide you with additional time to make any necessary changes. Once this update goes live in your account any previous customizations will be lost. If you lose the customizations to the task sharing email template, you will still be able to refer back to the communications timeline to see what your customized task email had looked like.




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