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Renters insurance updateAdd additional residents to existing policies 

We’ve made some improvements to Renters Insurance, powered by MSI, that make it easier to track who is covered. You can now indicate if a renters insurance policy covers additional tenants and easily add or remove tenants from existing policies. Also, residents can now add roommates or a spouse to existing policies at any time.  

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Mobile app updates

Send announcements from the Buildium mobile app 

Sometimes, the right time to send a message is RIGHT NOW, even when you’re on the go.  Now, you have the ability to send announcements to entire properties or associations at once through multiple channels including text, email and the Resident Center, right from your mobile device. Any time, anywhere.

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Filter tasks by due date 

Quickly queue up the tasks that need action with the new Due Date filter. Simply navigate to the Tasks screen, select the filter icon in the top right, and choose from a list of date options to filter tasks by.

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Homescreen updates for association homeowners

When homeowners log into the Resident Center app, they can now access any unresolved violations right from the homescreen and take action. Visit our resources page for more information on how your community can make the most of the Resident Center. 

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Beta: Apply communications preferences to resident statements 

Now that residents can choose paperless communication, you can apply those preferences when you send an association owner or tenant statement. By opting in to this beta, you can:

  • Keep track of and apply residents' communication preferences in Buildium
  • Send out more tenant and association owner statements electronically
  • Save time and money by scaling back paper mailings

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Coming soon

Increase your Resident Center and ePay adoption while reducing the need for follow-up communications! With the new, customizable reminders you will be able to easily follow up with residents to create their Resident Center account, or to set up online payments with their ePay account. Stay tuned for more details coming soon!

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