Optional pet damage and bed bug coverage

Over the next few weeks we will be introducing additional optional coverages for Renters Insurance, powered by MSI. The new optional endorsements will give residents a chance to get coverage for pet damage or bed bug protection and can each be added individually to their overall renters insurance coverage during the checkout process. 


What is bed bug protection:  

Bed bug protection add an extra $500 to emergency living expense coverage*. It also includes extermination treatments from a licensed pest control professional to get things back to normal. 

*Bed bug protection is not available in FL, HI, NY & AK


What is pet damage protection?

Pet damage increases property damage protections up to $500 to offset costs of a pet causing damage to the property. 

Note: if the resident has paid a pet deposit at lease signing, this additional coverage will not kick in until the cost of the damage exceeds that deposit amount. **

  • This endorsement may be purchased for $18 all states except FL $20. 

** Does not apply in the state of NC

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