File management improvements

With the latest revamp of our file management system, uploading, organizing, finding and sharing files, is easier and faster than ever before! 

We've made a number of improvements that will make managing your files in buildium easier while also saving you time. 


Find files using global search 

We’ve added files to the Global Search tool, so you can find specific files and documents without having to know their exact location.

To find a file using the global search tool, click the search icon in the top right of the buildium dashboard and search for the file name, title, category or property it is associated with. 


From file card in the search result, you can preview, download, or share the file via email. You can also navigate directly to the files location from this search result. 


Improvements to files grids

From the main Files page, you can view all files you have stored within Buildium. We’ve made it easier to identify key things about your files, like who it’s shared with and file type. We’ve also implemented the bulk actions tool-bar, so you can quickly make changes or share multiple files at once.

To take actions on multiple files at once, simply use the check box to the left of each file and select the multiple files you'd like to take action on. Once selected you can choose to update the category of all files selected, or share the selected files via email. 


New Files tab on all record/summary pages

In addition, each record page will now have its own dedicated files tab where you can upload, view, change and share all the files associated with that record in Buildium. For example you can now find  manage upload and share files from a dedicated file tab in their corresponding summary pages. Those pages include Property summary, Lease summary, Tenant summary, Rental Owner summary, Association summary, Ownership Account summary, Association Owner summary, and Vendor summary. 

From these dedicated file tabs under each record summary page you can upload, preview, edit the category, share, delete and download all the files associated with that record. You can also update the category and share files via email in bulk. 


New file preview and edit screen 

The file preview tool has also been improved to make it easier to view files and change sharing settings. From this new file preview screen you get a better visual preview with all of the file details available on the right side of the screen. You can edit those details from the file preview by clicking the edit button under the summary. You can also easily toggle sharing on and off for that file. 


Email Notifications for shared files 

To make it easier to inform people that a file has been shared with them, we've added the ability to have an email notification automatically sent any time you upload and share a file. This email notification will inform the recipient that they have new files that have been shared with them in the Resident Center. 

The email will include a list of up to 5 files with the file type and name and clicking on each file will take them directly to that file within the Resident Center. 

Note: if more than 5 files have been shared with them, there will be a link to "view all". 




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