Company Revenue Analytics (Available in Growth and Premium plans) 

Analyze management income sources and management fees collected over time to get a crystal clear picture of your bottom line. Metrics Include:

  • Management Revenue
  • Management Fees
  • Total units under management
  • Active users by user role  

Management Revenue 

The Management revenue metric will show the total amount of revenue collected and paid to your company through various sources including Bill Markups, Management Fees and payouts for accounts like late fees and convenience fees that you deem as management income.





Management Fees

The Management fees analysis will show management fee amounts collected overtime. It will show payments made to the management company vendor specified in the global management fee settings as well as any company overrides set at the property level. 




Total units under management 

This single value metric will provide you with insight into the number of units under management. The system will use the created date to determine the number of units show during the selected date range. For an example, if you started managing a new 10 unit multi-family rental in 2020, you will not see these units under management when searching in 2019.

  • Note: For new customers, all properties will have a created date based on when the property was created in Buildium. 

The unit count will respect the property selected in the Company revenue dashboard filters at the top of the page.


The drill down for this metric will include the following details



Active users by user role

This metric will provide you with insight into the total number of active staff users by role. This will help you understand how many users have access to your account. It is best practice to limit the number of admin users on an account to ensure the account is as secure as possible with good internal controls in order to prevent employee fraud. 


The drill down for this metric will include the following details



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