New eMail editor coming soon

Bring your communication to the next level with our new, easy-to-use email experience. 

Communication is a key part of your business’ reputation. We’re excited to offer you a new email experience to make communicating easier than ever!

The new email editor will become available in all customer accounts over the coming weeks.

This new email editor includes:

  • A simple, updated email composer  
  • An easier way to select recipients, including the ability to add them by property 
  • New branding capabilities, including a token for your company logo
  • Ability to set a default signature for every email you send
  • Better formatting capabilities, like spellcheck and images

How to compose an email with the new editor: 

If you have already opted in to the beta, to get started, simply compose an email anywhere you normally would in Buildium! Instead of routing to the Emails page, you’ll have everything you need at your fingertips.

The new email editor will pop up in a modal on whatever page you are on. From this pop up you can compose, edit, add recipients and send your email. Once you hit send, you'll be right where you left off in Buildium. 

Note: opening the email editor on a mobile device will open it as a full screen rather than a pop-up.


Add Recipients from the email editor: 

We've improved the add recipient flow within the compose email modal. You can continue to select individuals, but we’ve also added the ability to add active residents at the property level.


When adding individual recipients, you can search for people by category like rental owners, associations, vendors and more. If a contact does not have an email address on file, you can easily edit and add an email address right from this screen. 

NOTE: You can choose to also send the email to all alternate email addresses on file to ensure that your message gets to the right place. 




To BCC another recipient, click the drop down menu on the right side of the "to" section next to "Edit". From here, you can also choose to save the distribution list.



Branding your email by inserting a Logo: 

With the new email editor, you can include a company logo using the designated token. 

To add a logo: 

  • Click the [T] icon on the action bar at the bottom of the email editor 
  • Choose either "logo - account" or Logo - "Resident center"


Setting a default sign off signature:

To set a default, custom signature that will be included in all emails you send from Buildium, navigate to Communications >> Emails and select "Signature settings" in the top right. 


  • From here you can set up a custom signature and edit the formatting, insert a logo token or a URL in the signature.
  • This can be edited at any time in the future 

Note: signatures will only be include on non-automated emails only

Adding images: 

With our new email editor you can now add images to your email messages. 

To add an image click the photo icon on the the action bar at the bottom of the email editor. 

Note: You will need the image url in order to add the image to your email. The image must be a public URL. 

Copy and paste the image url into the URL text box and click insert. 




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