Changes to Update Recurring Charges page

In order to improve performance within the Buildium platform and make future improvements possible, we are working on moving a number of pages to a more modern code base. This is part of an ongoing project that will be reflected in changes to various pages in Buildium over the next few months. 

What does that mean? 

In short, we are making things faster and easier to use! But that does mean you will see some changes to certain pages, like the Update Recurring Charges Page. 


What's changed for the Update Recurring Charges page? 

  • There will be some differences to the way you delete recurring charges and make changes to either the amount or the memo of the recurring charges you intend to update.
  • Instead of having to search pages separately depending on whether you would like to edit the charge(s) or delete the charge(s), you can conduct both actions from a single search and on the same page!

Please see screenshots below of the new workflow for updating recurring charges and a before/after of the delete recurring charges workflow:

Updating Recurring Charges:  


Delete Recurring Charges comparison of before and after: 

Before: mceclip0.png



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