February 2020 Release Notes

We work hard to make sure our features are constantly improving to make running your business easier and more efficient. This page includes the latest new features, product improvements, and major bug fixes for the month of February:

Updates this month: 


Lease renewals 

We've been working hard on restructuring how lease renewals in Buildium work, thanks to customer feedback. We’re excited to announce that these improvements are coming soon!

Renew any lease, even expired leases without creating a new lease from scratch

  • Now when you choose to renew an existing lease, the system will no longer create a completely new lease ledger. Instead, when you process a renewal the same lease will be extended. Renew existing leases without juggling multiple lease ledgers or transfers!

Move in date tracking

  • New Move-in dates will allow you to accurately record who is living in the unit outside of the lease start date and track move-in dates and move out dates in the event history report.

Renewal Status Tracking 

  • Improved tracking of the status and stages of every renewal will give you the ability to track communications sent out to tenants regarding lease renewals. 


  • With the notice-to-vacate function, you can keep track of the date when tenants give notice for move out, so you can track who has signed confirmation of move out, who is giving late notice, and who needs to be charged fees accordingly.

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Bill entry improvements: 

Now with split-screen view and the ability to upload multiple invoices at once, you can get bills into the system faster and easier, so you can focus attention where it matters most. 


Bulk invoice upload: 

  • Move faster! Bulk invoice upload gives you the option to upload invoices in batches. Upload up to 10 invoices at one time. 

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Bill presentment split-screen:

  • The new split-screen view gives you everything you need on a single screen side by side while entering a bill. 

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Taking actions in bulk just got easier: 

We’ve updated the way you perform tasks in bulk with a consistent and easy to use pattern that will look the same on every grid in Buildium where you can perform actions in bulk. On pages like outstanding balances, tasks, and enter bulk charges, you no longer need to scroll to the bottom of a page to complete things in bulk, as we’ve added a new navigation bar you can take action from.


New York State change to tenant screenings: 

Due to New York state laws, Buildium is unable to provide eviction data for tenant screenings of New York residents. 

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User role page Improvements

We've made some changes to how you add and edit user roles, to make the experience faster and easier to use. 


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Add task from dashboard

You can now create a new task from the tasks dashboard card on the homepage within Buildium.  

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Last Reconciliation date viewable on the banking page

We want to make it as easy as possible for our customers to know what is outstanding, so we’ve added a column to the banking grid page with "last reconciliation date." This will also be included in the export. 


Mobile app updates 


Manager app maintenance parity 

We've updated tasks and work orders within the mobile app to further empower you to log and update maintenance items on the go. This update will bring the mobile app version of tasks and work orders to match the functionality within the web version of Buildium.

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Manager app dark mode

The Buildium manager mobile app now supports iOS Dark Mode! 

In iOS 13.0 and later, people can choose to adopt a dark system-wide appearance called Dark Mode. In Dark Mode, the system uses a darker color palette for all screens, views, menus, and controls, and it uses more vibrancy to make foreground content stand out against the darker backgrounds. Dark Mode supports all accessibility features.

  • NOTE: the Manager app will only enable dark mode IF dictated by the iOS device settings

Resident Center: Emergency contact info and permission to enter

This month we have released an update to the resident mobile app that will allow the emergency contact information and permission to entry questions on resident request forms to also display within the resident center mobile app. Previously this was only displaying on the web version of the Resident Center. 

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