Improvements to the Resident Center welcome email

To improve security and provide you with a more branded first impression for your residents, we've made some great improvements to the welcome email for tenants and association owners. This customizable email is sent to tenants or association owners to introduce them to the Resident Center. 
Improved Security: 
We are improving overall security and the log in experience by providing residents with a password reset link rather than a temporary password that needs to be reset later. This will allow residents to reset their password right from the welcome email the first time they log into the Resident Center. 
We’ll now include your Resident Center logo in the welcome email as well as match the color of the "activate account" button to the colors you have selected for your Resident Center to provide a consistent, branded experience that looks and feels like your business. If you don’t have a logo set up for your Resident Center, be sure to set one up under the Resident Center settings page in Buildium. If there is no logo set up, we’ll default back to only display your company name.
Updated messaging:
We've updated the messaging in the welcome email to better highlight the key points of value the Resident Center brings to your tenants and association owners in a clear and concise way. 
To view your current welcome email template and customizations you have made, navigate to: 
  • Communication
  • Automated email settings 
  • Find tenant welcome email or association owner welcome email

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