Move in dates for leasing and renewals

Move in dates will allow you to accurately record who is living in the unit outside of the lease start date and track move-in dates and move out dates in the event history report.

Moving in new tenants / adding new cosigners when renewing a lease

  • A new tenant or cosigner can be added during the renewal by clicking on the + card 
  • When a new tenant is added and saved, you will see the move in date on the tenant’s card and the date will default the lease renewal date 
  • The move in date must be between the current lease’s start and renewed leases end date. 
  • The move in date can be edited if you need to make changes
  • Move in dates are not applicable to new cosigners 

Show move in date on tenants tab

  • You will now be able to see a move in date on the tenants tab of a lease that can be edited.
  • When you move a new tenant in while recording a lease renewal, you will enter the move in date 
  • Any existing tenants on a lease will also have a move in date field which will default to the lease start date. 
  • The move in date field can be edited from this page if you need to update it outside of the renewals flow. 
  • You can also enter a move in date when you move someone in from the tenants tab on the lease 
  • If a tenant has already been moved out of a lease, they will already have a move out date so we will now show [move in date] - [move out date] 

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