Applying Credits in Bulk

Buildium now has a bulk credits tool that can apply credits on multiple resident ledgers at one time.

The bulk credits tool is only available per property, it will not add charges across several different properties.

This tool is great for common area maintenance (CAM) reconciliation for multi-unit apartment buildings and commercial properties. You can also use bulk credits to credit tenants for meter readings that show that the tenant was overcharged.

To add Resident credits in bulk:

      1. Navigate to Rentals > Rent roll or Associations > Ownership accounts.
      2. Click Enter bulk credits from the drop down menu.
      3. Choose a property, select an account type, and enter the due date.
      4. Choose a credit action
        • Issue credit to waive unpaid charges
        • Issue credit in exchange for goods or services or to write-off unpaid charges
        • Issue credit for payments previously deposited 
      5. Choose a frequency and common expense allocation. You can choose a custom allocation that you’ve created, or you can choose to allocate by size or to allocate evenly.

        You can also opt to use no allocation, and enter the information for each unit manually. If you choose an allocation, enter the total credit, and Buildium will apply the total amount across each of the units.

      6. If you decide to opt out of using an allocation, enter the amount of the credit for each unit in the amount column. You can enter a memo in the memo column, and have the option to apply the memo to all credits.
      7. When you’ve completed the form, click Apply credits.


Note: You can use the bulk credits tool to add many credits at once, but any changes that need to be made once the credits are posted will need to be completed one at a time.




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