Announcement: Improvements to the renewals process!

We've been working hard on restructuring how lease renewals in Buildium work, thanks to customer feedback. We're excited to announce the improvements to the lease renewals process are now available to all customers, with more improvements coming early 2020! 

Extending leases when renewing: 

We’ve heard you loud and clear! The first update we’ve made is to simplify our renewals process and add more automation to take work off of your plate when renewing a lease. 

Now when you choose to renew an existing lease, the system will no longer create a completely new lease ledger. Instead, when you process a renewal the same lease will be extended, Renew existing leases without juggling multiple lease ledgers or transfers. Additionally, you can: 

  • Renew leases that have already expired
  • Schedule renewals and related charges months in advance
  • Store historical information, like initial lease dates, in a single place

Move-in date for renewals

Now you can more accurately record who is living in the unit and when outside of the lease start date, and track move-in dates and move out dates in the event history report.

Learn more about move-in dates.


Keep an eye out for additional updates over the next few months:

Renewal status tracking

Improved tracking of the status and stages of renewals will give you the ability to track communications sent out to residents regarding lease renewals.

Notice to vacate

With the notice to vacate function, you can keep track of the date when tenants give notice for move out, so you can track who is giving late notice and who needs to be charged fees accordingly. 

Don’t forget to check the What’s New bell at the top right of your account - that’s where we’ll notify you as soon as these updates are available for you.

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