February 2019 Release Notes

We work hard to make sure our features are constantly improving to make running your business easier and more efficient. This page includes the latest new features, product improvements, and major bug fixes for the month of February:




Reporting Updates

Task Report Migrations & Batched Reports

As we continue to improve upon our reporting suite, we have now allowed for the Open Task, Completed Tasks and Task Performance reports to be viewed in app. Additionally we have allowed for these reports to be available in the batched reports feature. Now all your task reports are easy to be quickly viewed on screen, and are able to be shared within batched reports.

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Association Updates

Identifying Owner Occupied & Un-occupied Units

We are happy to announce an update to the association owner page, allowing you to mark units that are not occupied by the owner. Users can now accurately differentiate which units are actually occupied by the owner, and identify which ones are not. This will now provide more accurate insights and reporting around association owners.

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Accounting Updates

Partial Bill Pay: Edits & Custom Allocations

We know how crucial flexibility is when it comes to payables, and we are excited to announce some improvements to Partial Bill Pay. You now have the ability to make adjustments on a bill that has already been partially paid. Additionally you can now adjust the allocations when partially paying a bill. These improvements provide more flexibility, as well as a more accurate depiction of your books


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Security Updates

Authentication App Support

We are happy to announce Buildium is now providing a secondary two-factor authentication option for customers. We know sometimes your preferred authentication method may not be available, and that's why we now provide you with the option to set up a backup method.

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Communications Updates 

One to Many Messaging 

In our continued effort to provide more streamlined communication options for you to communicate with your residents, we are excited to announce One to Many Messaging (SMS). Users can select up to 10 individual recipients to send a message to.

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Data Change

Marital Status Field

As of March 19th 2019, we'll be removing “marital status” as a default field in Buildium. The associated field will be removed from tenant summary pages after any information is updated and saved.

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