Announcement: Phone call logging

We are continuing to bring more functionality to the communications timeline in an effort to give you a full view into all of the communications and correspondence between your company, residents and owners.

This month we added phone call logging to the communications timeline. Now you can create new call logs, or convert existing notes to phone call logs.


To create a new phone call log, navigate to the resident, owner or lease you want to view. Click "communications" to view the communications timeline. Click "New", then "log a call".

Log a call with

  • A participant
  • Date/time of call
  • Subject
  • Note


To convert an existing note into a call log: 

  1. Navigate to the resident or owner summary page
  2. Scroll down to view any existing notes associated with that person
  3. Find the note you want to convert
  4. Click the button on the right and select "Convert into a call" 
  5. Edit the date and time of the call
  6. Create a subject
  7. Add details in the body of the log
  8. Then click save

The note will now be moved to the communication timeline for that person as a phone call log.



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