How to create a mailing from the communications timeline

From the communications timeline, you can view all previous mailings and filter mailings by Date or Sender. You can search for previous mailings by subject line, and now you can create new mailings right from the timeline.

Create_mailing_from_timeline.gifTo create a mailing from the timeline:

  1. First navigate to the resident, vendor or owner that you want to communicate with
  2. Click on the Communications tab
  3. From here you can see all previous correspondence with that person via email or mailing
  4. Click New >> Create mailing
  5. Then select a template
  6. Add additional recipients if necessary
  7. Choose the sender
  8. Select Layout
  9. If necessary you can choose to view a preview (note: this will generate a preview of the mailing layout and formatting, it will not include a preview of the content)
  10. Click Create

The new mailing will be added to the timeline. From there you can click to view the new mailing.

You then have the ability to print manually, email a PDF, or use EZMail to send the mailing to recipients.


Click here to learn more about mailings.

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