How to enable association owners to self-resolve violations

Save you and your association owners time and hassle from going back and forth over phone or email when they’ve gotten back into compliance from a violation infraction by letting them report a violation as resolved from the owner portal.

To enable your account to allow association owners to self-resolve violations from their resident site

  • Go to Communications > Resident site settings > Violations > Toggle Violations (ON/OFF)


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For Association Owners

Association owners can use any device to self-report a violation as resolved.

  1. Log in to the resident site
  2. Go to the Violations tab
  3. Click on the violation they would like to resolve
  4. Click on the “Report as resolved” button
  5. Add any notes they would like the manager to see
  6. Upload a file or photo documentation

If on a mobile device, use the camera to take a picture in the moment.

Once saved by the owner, the management staff users with view permissions to Violations and permission for that association owner’s property will receive an email notification alerting them to the update and will be able to view all the owner comments and documentation in the violation record.

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