Announcement: Communication improvements

Communication with residents, owners, and vendors is key to running a successful property management business. That's why we're excited to announce new updates to Buildium's communication features!

Communication timelines for vendors

Over the past few months, we've released a new communication timeline for residents, leases and ownership accounts, and rental owners. Now, we've added a communication timeline for vendors.

Now, when you navigate to the summary page for any lease, ownership account or rental owner, you'll see a communication tab which features all emails that have been sent.

Once you're on a communication timeline, you can filter the emails by Date or Sender. You can also search by subject line.

You can email directly from this page by clicking Compose email, too.


Communication in search results

We've also added the ability to navigate directly to communication pages from search. Just search the name of the person you're looking for, and you'll see a new link for Communications under their name. Clicking this link will bring directly to the communication timeline for that person.

Also, clicking the email option under someone's name in the search results will bring you directly to the compose email page. 


Ability to retry undelivered emails

You can now see if an email sent from Buildium has bounced, and have the option to resend the email. Additionally, if the email bounces because the email address is invalid, you'll have the option to adjust the address.

If you're viewing the contents of an email, when you select an undeliverable recipient, Buildium will indicate that.



Search by phone number in the mobile app

In the next mobile app release, we're offering the ability to search for a user by phone number. Make sure to update your Buildium app once you're notified the update is available!

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