Announcement: Board member term tracking and designation

Community association managers now have a home to track current, past, and future Board of Trustees members for each association, offering easy access to see holders of each position, seat terms and contact information over time.  

To view all board history, including current board members, for an existing association in your account:

  1. Navigate to Associations > Associations 
  2. Select an association. Then, click the new Board tab.
  3. Here you can add new board members, edit term positions or dates, and quickly email the current board.

While this hub for board information will offer easy access for adding and editing board members, you will still be able to designate association owners as board members when creating a new association owner or ownership account, and will still be able to edit board designations for a specific owner on their association owner summary page.

Separate board member designation per association - Release

As part of this release, we have also fixed a bug where association owners who both A. own units in multiple associations and B. were marked as a board member for one of those associations, would show up as a board member for ALL associations they owned in.

Association owners can now be designated as a board member with different titles and term dates for each association they own in, or can be designated as a board member for one association they own in and not a board member for other associations they own in.  

This fixes the owner records informationally in Buildium but also separates the board member’s permissions access in their resident portal. If reporting and other privileges are given to board member owners in their portal, then the owner will see those privileges when logged in to their accounts for the associations for which they are designated.

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