Announcement: Text messaging enhancements

We've added functionality to our text messaging feature - the ability to retry failed texts, and the option to turn off texting on your Buildium account entirely.

Retry sent text messages

Now, you can see the status of sent texts, and retry a message if it fails to deliver. There are 3 statuses that will appear with texts:

  • If a message is sent and delivered properly, the most recent message will have a status of Delivered.
  • If a message is not deliverable, but CAN be retried, that message will say Not delivered w/ an option to retry
  • If a message cannot be retried, it will have the status Message failed to send. Check phone number.


Turn off texting entirely

Additionally, if you do not want texting enabled at all for your residents, you can turn off the function entirely. Just navigate to Settings > Application Settings, and scroll down the page. Click Text messaging, then select Disable text messaging and hit Save.


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