Announcement: Filter delinquency reports by GL account

Last month, we introduced a general ledger account view on the outstanding balances page for tenants and association owners.

Now, we're excited to announce the addition of a GL account view on delinquency reports. Previously, delinquent tenant and delinquent owner reports only showed the total amount outstanding for each resident and property. Now, you can view a breakdown of this total (accounts receivable) by general ledger account so you can get a better idea of what exactly each resident owes. 

To include balance details on this report

  1. Navigate to the Reports page, and select either the Delinquent tenant report or Delinquent association owner report.
  2. Then, select a single property or association.
  3. Check the option to include balance details, then click Run
  4. Use the expand icon to show the balance details by general ledger account


The balance details are also visible from the summary section of the report. Just click on the summary tab of the report you've run, and use the expand icon to show the balance details for the property by GL account.

Note: In order for the report to run quickly, the balance details are only available when running the report for a single property.

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