SMS text messages in Buildium - Frequently Asked Questions

There are several questions that may come up before you begin to use Buildium's SMS text messaging.

1. Can I use Buildium's SMS text messaging feature to text anyone other than tenants and association owners, such as rental owners, vendors or staff members?

At this point in time, SMS text messaging is only available for use with tenants. Buildium loves hearing your feedback on features, so visit our feature request forum and let us know what additions you'd like to see to SMS messaging.

2. Will residents be able to reply to my text messages?

Yes, once you’ve sent a text message to your resident, they will be able to reply back. Notifications for incoming messages will appear under Recent activity on the homepage of your Buildium account. You can view the content of incoming messages on the Buildium SMS messaging interface.

3. When a resident replies to my text message, does it go to my phone or to Buildium?

When a resident replies to a text from you, it will go directly to Buildium. Since Buildium is using a separate phone number from your own to send the messages, all the content will be stored in Buildium for any staff member using the feature.

4. What phone number does the text come from, and how will the residents know it's me?

We recommend including your company name in all of the SMS messages you send. When a resident opts-in, they will receive an automated message from a phone number that has been assigned to your company. They may choose to store that phone number as a contact, however, it is best practice to include your company name in all of the messages you send simply to avoid confusion.

5. Can I send an SMS text message to a group of residents at once?

At this time, you can only send messages to one tenant at a time.


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