Can I manually add an applicant?

Yes, you can manually add an applicant in Buildium.

Sometimes, prospective tenants may happen upon your office and want to turn in a paper application instead of applying for a rental online.

It's best practice to print paper copies of your customized rental application in Buildium so that when someone fills out a paper application, you have all the information you need on hand.

You can manually add an applicant and all their information into Buildium in just a few steps.

  1. Create a new applicant
  2. Enter applicant details

1. Create a new applicant:

    1. Navigate to Leasing > Applicants.
    2. Click Create applicant, and fill out the form.
    3. Only the applicant's name is required in this section, but we recommend adding their email, relevant phone numbers, and selecting the property and unit they're applying for.
    4. When you're done entering applicant information, click Create applicant.


2. Enter application details:

Once you've created the applicant, you'll be brought to the applicant summary page. 

    1. From the applicant summary page, click the Application tab.
    2. Click Manually enter application details.
    3. Adding an applicant in manually uses the same process that an applicant would use if they were applying online. Any fields that are required on your online application will also be required when you manually enter an applicant.
    4. Fill out the fields in the form.
    5. When the form is complete, click Save application.


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