How do I email payment receipts to tenants?

You can automatically email receipts to residents after they pay rent or any other fees.

Instead of having to generate a PDF version of the receipt, saving it to your computer, and then manually attaching it to an email, Buildium can automatically email the tenant with a PDF attachment of the receipt. 

There are two payment receipt options:

  1. Email payment receipts automatically
  2. Manually email payment receipts

1. Automatically have payment receipts emailed to tenants when a payment is received

When you choose to automatically have payment receipts emailed to tenants, any tenant who has a valid email address on file will receive an emailed receipt, whether they've paid by ePay or had their payment entered into the system manually.

To turn on automatic payment receipts:

    1. Navigate to Settings > Application Settings.
    2. Click Residents.
    3. Click Edit payment receipts, and choose Don't send or Email receipt.
      If you're just getting started with Buildium, payment receipts will default to Don't Send
    4. When you've chosen your payment receipt policy, click Save.


2. Manually email payment receipts

If you don't want the system to automatically send payment receipts to every resident, keep the global payment receipts set to Don't Send. 

You can pick and choose who to send receipts to when you're receiving manual payments

NOTE: From the resident ledger you are only able to email a resident a receipt for a past due payment when logging that payment. Prior to saving the payment you will be provided the option to email the resident a receipt of the past payment.

If you keep automatic payment receipts turned off, you do not have the option to send payment receipts to residents who pay by ePay, though they will receive a separate confirmation email that their payment has been processed.


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