How do I set up Buildium Property Inspections?

Buildium is fully integrated with Happy Inspector, one of the best mobile inspections apps on the market. You can perform an inspection, create a report, and sync all of your data in both apps automatically.

If you already have a Happy Inspector account, you’ll have to create a new one when signing up through Buildium.

Buildium Property Inspections is different than the original version of Happy Inspector, because it’s specifically built to sync reports seamlessly to Buildium. You can reach out to Happy Inspector to cancel your existing account.

Unfortunately, there is no way to bulk transfer inspections data from an existing Happy Inspector account.

To get started with Property Inspections:

    1. Navigate to Settings > Application settings.

    2. Click Add-on Services settings.

    3. Scroll down to Property Inspections, and click Get started.

    4. Here, you can read more about Property Inspections, review pricing information, and sign up.

    5. Once you’ve placed your order, you’ll be prompted to select the staff members who you’d like to invite to use Property Inspections.

It’s important that every staff member who performs property inspections has their own login.

Click here to learn how to invite staff members or vendors to use Property Inspections after the initial setup.

Once the invitations have been sent, the staff members you selected will receive an email with instructions for setting up their Happy Inspector accounts.

The first time you log in to your new Happy Inspector account, it will take a few minutes for your data to appear.

You’ll receive an email with instructions on how to install the Inspector by HappyCo app on your phone or tablet.

If you can’t open the email on your mobile device, you can go to the app store and search for Happy Inspector by HappyCo.

The logo for the app will look like this:  

Check out the video below for further details on getting started with Property Inspections:



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