What's the difference? Premium Tenant Screening versus Basic Tenant Screening

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The fact is that screening applicants means digging into a lot of personal, highly-sensitive data. While it’s important for you to know everything you can about potential tenants, it would be terrible for this sensitive information to fall into the wrong hands. With our Basic Tenant Screening service (also known as TransUnion ShareAble®), applicants are required to a.) answer a series of personal questions to prove their identity and b.) consent to share their personal credit and criminal history with your business. This approach helps to keep that sensitive information secure, and because it involves the applicant, it doesn't involve a hit to their credit score.

Our Premium Tenant Screening service works to deliver instant results that you can pull right in your office. With Premium Tenant Screening, your business goes through a one-time accreditation process. During accreditation, you’re required to provide a number of standard forms and documents that prove you are a secure and legitimate business. Once accredited, you’re free to run tenant screenings on your own, without applicant involvement. All of the information you need to run the reports can be collected via your online rental application. You’ll be able to request the reports straight from Buildium and view the results within minutes. The best part is that Premium Tenant Screening includes credit, criminal, and eviction reports, along with one concise and easily digestible recommendation based on all of the data collected.  

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Q: How much does it cost?


A: Premium Tenant Screening costs $18 per screening.


Q: How do I get started?


A: You can get started on the accreditation process by clicking here to apply. 


Q: What's involved in the accreditation process?


A: The first step is to complete an online application and upload the required documents. If you've collected the documents ahead of time, this process should take about 30 minutes. The information you need to have on hand includes:


  • Tax ID #
  • A recent bank statement
  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Business license (if applicable)
  • Client, customer, or trade references
  • Proof of address for your business


Following the completion of the on-line application, you'll be contacted by a TransUnion representative who'll work with you to coordinate an on-site visit to your office. During the on-site visit, they'll be looking for the following items:


  • Filing cabinets that lock
  • Signage with the company name
  • A paper shredder
  • Password protected computers 


Q: How long does it take for my business to be accredited?


A: Membership credentialing can be completed within a couple of weeks given that all required documentation is provided at the time of submission. To help minimize delays in the approval process, follow these easy steps:



Q: If I don't want Premium Tenant Screening, or even if I decide to get it, can I still use Basic Tenant Screening through ShareAble®?


A: Yes! You can absolutely still use the Basic Tenant Screening through ShareAble®. Premium Tenant Screening is best for our customers with more than 100 units who are looking to expedite the screening process and are interested in gaining access to eviction history in addition to credit and criminal history. We understand it's not for everyone. Even if you do decide to go through the credentialing process for Premium Tenant Screening, you'll always have the option to run a Basic Tenant Screening instead.  


Q: Do the credit, criminal, and eviction reports cover activity outside of the United States?


A: No. At this time, the reports only search for credit, criminal, and eviction activity within the United States.  


Q: Can I purchase just one of the three reports?


A: The credit, criminal, and eviction report are grouped together in one package. They cannot be purchased separately.  


Q: With Premium Tenant Screening, can I charge the applicant for the screening?


A: Yes. You can cover the cost of the screening by charging your applicants an application fee within Buildium. Click here to learn more about collecting rental application fees with Buildium.  



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