If you need to keep financial history for a property but no longer have the property under your management, you can inactivate it.

The financial data remains unchanged when a property is inactivated, but you can no longer run most reports for the property unless it is reactivated.

We recommend running any relevant financial reports you need for the property before taking the step to inactivate. 

To inactivate a property:

    1. Navigate to Rentals > Properties

    2. Then, click on the name of the property you want to inactivate.

    3. Click Inactivate property.


If the property you inactivate is the sole property of a rental owner that is listed in your system, when you click inactivate property, Buildium will prompt you to inactivate the rental owner at the same time.

Inactive properties do not count towards your unit limits for your Buildium subscription, and can be reactivated at any time if you have remaining units available in your subscription plan.

Click here to learn how to reactivate a property once it's been inactivated.


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