How do I change my payment method for Buildium?

If you want to change the payment method you have on file for your Buildium subscription, you can change it on the account and billing page. 

  1. Navigate to Settings > Account and billing.
  2. Click Edit payment method at the top of the Buildium Account page.
  3. The Payment Method page opens. Enter information about the new payment method to be used.
  4. In the Account type field, select the payment method of your choice.
    • If you select Checking or Savings, you must enter the routing number corresponding to your bank, and your account number. This information can be found on each check of that account.
    • If you select credit card as an option, you must enter the cardholder name, card number and expiration date of the card.
  5. Enter the payment information, then click Continue.
  6. Select the Authorization check box to authorize Buildium to debit funds from the account or bill the credit card for subscription fees.
  7. Click Save changes.


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