How do I invite residents to log into their portal in bulk?

One of the great features of Buildium is the resident website

In this article, you'll learn how to:

  1. Invite residents to the portal in bulk
  2. Manage multiple user accounts

1. Invite residents to the portal in bulk

If you're new to Buildium or haven't made use of the resident portal yet, you can invite all of your residents to access their portal at one time.

To invite multiple users at once:

    1. Navigate to Communication > Resident Site Users.
    2. Click Create website accounts.
    3. Any resident with a valid email address on file will appear on the create accounts page. You have the option to choose which tenants to create an account for by placing a check in the box next to their name.

      You also have the option to Select all.

    4. When you're done selecting residents, click Create accounts. This will send an email to the selected residents with their username, a temporary password, and instructions on how to log into the portal.  This email template is customizable.


2. Manage multiple user accounts

If you ever need to reset passwords or block access for multiple residents at once, you can do so.

To manage multiple user accounts:

    1. Navigate to Communication > Resident site users
    2. Click Manage multiple accounts.
    3. On the manage existing resident website accounts page, you can filter the list of resident site users by property or association. You can also filter the list by status.
    4. Select the resident accounts you want to manage by placing a check in the box, or use the Select all option.
    5. Choose either Reset password or Block access to apply that action to all selected accounts.



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