Public site domains and subdomains

Changing your Buildium subdomain

A subdomain is the yoursubdomain in Your account's subdomain was chosen when you first signed up for your Buildium free trial.

If you wish to change your subdomain, see Changing your account URL.

Things to consider

It's possible that a lot of people access your Buildium account every day. These visitors include prospects, tenants, Association Owners, rental owners, vendors, and your own staff. When you change a subdomain, there is no forwarding service to the new subdomain. Visitors to the old subdomain will see an error message.

You should warn people that the change is coming. Only make the change after you've taken reasonable precautions to tell people of the change.

Registering a domain name

When you sign up for Buildium, you get a free website address like If you'd like your own personalized website address like, you can purchase one cheaply through a third party service. Once you own you new domain name, you can have it redirected to your Buildium site. This way, when people type, they'll be redirected to automatically.

Places to buy

Buildium does not formally recommend any domain registrars. The following companies are listed as a convenience:

Try to choose a memorable domain name. Try it out with friends before making the purchase.

Using a domain name that you already own

If you already own a domain name, you can point it to your Buildium subdomain using the following steps:

  1. Contact your domain registrar
  2. Ask them to redirect your domain name to your Buildium subdomain. Tell them to use an Unmasked/Standard URL redirect.

Things to consider

  • Buildium cannot provide the IP address for your subdomain. The IP addresses for Buildium subdomains are periodically reassigned.
  • The majority of Buildium uses SSL encryption. Adding an A record to your DNS record will not work because Buildium will not have an SSL certificate for your domain.


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