Return Code (R04) - Account number structure is invalid.

What it means

The receiving bank could not find an account number that matched the one on the EFT.

How to fix it

For tenant payments, Association owner payments, and rental application fees

There was a typo in the bank account number or the wrong bank account type was selected. The resident or applicant should:

  1. Make sure that they entered the correct bank account number. They may need to ask their bank for the correct account number to use for an EFT.
  2. Try the payment again and carefully retype the routing and account number.

For rental owner and vendor payments

The bank account number that was entered into the epay screen is incorrect or the wrong bank account type was selected.

  1. Reenter the information and try the payment again.

  2. Get a new bank account number and try the payment again.

Buildium strongly suggests you get epayment information from a voided check. If a voided check is unavailable, get a letter from the bank or another "official" document.

Formal Definition

R04 - Invalid Account Number

The account number structure is not valid. The entry may fail the check digit validation or may contain an incorrect number of digits.

Article #: 112255

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