How do I add a new tenant to an existing lease?

To add a roommate or spouse, just add another tenant to the lease. 


Add an approved applicant to an existing leaseShowHide

  1. Navigate to Rentals > Applicants.
  2. Click on the applicant's name.
  3. Change the status to Approved, then click Move in.
  4. Add the applicant to an existing lease by selecting the existing lease you want to add them to, then click Add to lease.


Add a new tenant to an existing leaseShowHide

  1. Navigate to Rentals > Rent roll.
  2. Click the lease you want to add an additional tenant to.
  3. From the lease summary page, click the Tenant tab.
  4. Click Move in tenant.
  5. Select an applicant or existing tenant or Add a new tenant.
  6. The tenant will now appear on the Tenants tab.


Tenants on a lease share a single ledger. Association Owners that live together in a unit also share a single ledger. Each resident has a unique login to the resident site and each resident can enter their own unique online payment information for our integrated solution in the US. Canadian customers using the CPA005 export file can only have one resident per lease or unit with online payment information. 



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