Buildium makes it easy to add an association owner and an ownership account at the same time. Association owners cannot live in the Buildium system without being attached to an ownership account, so if you want to add an owner you’ll also need to create an ownership account.

The association owner entity in Buildium is where you can keep all the owner’s personal information—birth date, phone numbers, emergency contact information. The ownership account entity represents the time frame an owner has had the unit, as well as the terms of the association fees.

    1. Navigate to Associations > Ownership accounts.
    2. Then, click Add account.
    3. In the form, select the association where the association owner currently owns a unit, as well as the unit number.
    4. Enter the date the owner purchased the unit in the Date of Purchase field.

    5. Under association owners, you have two options: You can either Add a new association owner, or Select a current or former association owner from another unit.
    6. When you select to add a new owner, in this form you can indicate if they are a board member, and if they occupy the unit. Then, fill in details such as contact information, emergency contacts, and birth date. Click Create association owner to complete the form.

    7. Under Set up recurring association fee charge, choose the amount and frequency of the association fee being charged.
    8. When you finish entering information, click the button to Create ownership account 
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