If you need to export data out of Buildium, you're able to download files for Rentals, Associations, Accounting, Tasks, and Communication. 

Remember that each of our reports can be run in .xlsx format as well. Though Buildium does not provide export files for all ledger financials, if you need to export some financial data, it's just a few clicks away.See "Reports" to learn more about your options.

To export data from Buildium:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Export Data.
  2. Click the link corresponding to the data type you want to export.
  3. Depending on your web browser, a pop-up window prompts you with options to open or save the file. Click the appropriate button to view or save the exported data file.
  4. This file will contain all the information under a certain heading (for example, information for all properties or all vendors), and is a .xlsx file, which can be viewed using Microsoft Excel, Numbers for Mac or OpenOffice.



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