Violations: Managing user permissions

The violations tracking feature comes with its own set of user permissions that you can control for each user role in Buildium.

To adjust access for a specific user role:

  1. Navigate to Settings > User Roles.
  2. Select a a user role to open it's permission set.
  3. Scroll down to the Associations section of the user role settings, and use the View, Edit, Delete, or Hide options to adjust to the desired state.

Unsure of how much access you want to give a user? Check out the access types below: 


  • Gives any user with that User Role full access to Violations functionality, including the abilities to log new, edit existing, and delete existing violation records for Associations they have access to. 


  • Gives any user with that User Role the ability to log new and edit existing violation records, but will not have the ability to delete a violation record for Associations they have access to.


  • Gives any user with that User Role the ability to see the violations grid page and specific violation record summaries, but they can not log new violations or delete any records.


  • Any user that does not have the above access types enabled will have violations hidden.  


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