Announcement: Email Individual Reports

We're excited to announce the ability to email reports directly from the reports page, reducing the number of steps in your daily workflow. Now, you can share all reported information from reports you view in-app with staff members, rental owners, association board members and even recipients who aren't entered into Buildium.

Previously, you were unable to email a single report directly from your Buildium account without exporting the report first, and then navigating to another page to compose the email and re-attach the report.

To email an individual report:

  1. Navigate to the Reports page, then click the report you'd like to run.
  2. Select the parameters for the report, then click Run report.
  3. On the report, navigate to the envelope icon and select the report format.
  4. Choose your recipients by typing their name, or by clicking the quick-launch icon (the circle icon with three dots) to access an address book.
  5. Enter any additional copy in the subject field.
  6. When you finish filling out the details, click Send.


NOTE: If you are sending reports to multiple owners or tenants, such as rental owner statements, you should still use Buildium's Mailings and Emails feature to do so. This feature is best used for quick delivery of a report to a specific recipient.

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