Updates to Renters Insurance

Available in all accounts, we've added some new features to ensure your residents can purchase Renters Insurance before they even move in! 

Renters Insurance Dashboard

  • A quick breakdown view of which of your current residents have insurance on file, and which of them don't. View all to access the Renters Insurance report. 

Renters Insurance report filters

  • Get a more detailed view of which current residents have signed up for MSI Renters Insurance, logged a third-party policy, or haven’t yet provided insurance information. Filter the report by property type and policy type and Run report for easy tracking.

Renters Insurance Settings

  • Uninsured future resident reminders: If your property management company requires residents to purchase renters insurance, keeping this toggle ON sends you an email to remind you when residents on new leases haven’t provided insurance info prior to their lease start date. Using the dropdown menu, you can select the number of days prior to the lease start date that proof of coverage is required. 
    • Can be found by navigating to Communications > Resident Center Settings > Renters Insurance

Resident Center Notification Email & SMS

  • After entering all the necessary information (e.g. rent and security deposit) at the bottom of the page, there are notification boxes. Keeping the Renters insurance notification email and Renters insurance SMS toggles ON sends an email and/or SMS to future residents instructing them to enter the Applicant Center to either provide their third party renters insurance information or to purchase a new policy.
    • Can be found by navigating to Leasing > Applicants > select applicant > Move in.

Purchase Renters Insurance in the Applicant Center

  • Once a lease has been created, residents logging into the Applicant Center will now see an option for Renters Insurance on the left-hand navigation menu as well as the top banner. Residents can click the banner to either Purchase a policy from MSI or provide proof of coverage within the Resident Center.

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