In some parts of the US, local legislation may require that you adhere to specific guidelines for accessing and evaluating tenant screening reports. In an effort to help you better comply with applicable regulations, we've introduced two-phased screening. 

How does two-phased screening work?

If a Tenant Screening is requested in an area in which two-phased screening is required, you may not be able to view a Criminal report until after having evaluated both the Credit and Eviction reports. Once you've evaluated each report, the Criminal report is made accessible. 

Here's what this might look like in Buildium:

  • Once a Screening is completed on an applicant and Reports are made available, Buildium will alert you if two-phased screening is required based on the location of the property being applied to.
  • In instances where two-phased screening is required, you will notice that the Criminal report is inaccessible. Hovering your mouse over the Criminal report will provide more detail on how to proceed.
  • After you've evaluated both the Credit report and Evictions report, the Criminal report is made available for viewing.
  • You will be prompted to confirm that you've evaluated both the Credit and Evictions reports by clicking Yes, view report. Otherwise, you can exit by selecting No, cancel.

If you have additional questions on two-phased screening and how it relates to you and your business, we strongly suggest that you consult with legal counsel on how best to comply with any new or existing legislation. 

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