With the majority of resident complaints related to maintenance, how you handle your service can define your reputation and impact your bottom line. Maintenance Contact Center, powered by RealPage, makes it easy by managing service requests 24/7/365 and delivering prompt responses to residents with full visibility for you and your team. 

  • Complete work orders faster

    • Round-the-clock service means consistently satisfied residents, no more forgotten voicemails or lost notes, and a client-winning reputation for your business.

  • Rely on highly-trained support

    • Every service call and email is answered by professional leasing agents. Residents won’t even have to wait for a call back when they need your help after hours.

  • Access to every ticket in real-time

    • Track the progress of every request and easily access all the valuable information to build stronger relationships with residents and vendors
  • Focus on your business

    • Save valuable staff time so they can focus on growing your business instead of answering the phones.

To learn more about Maintenance Contact Center, powered by RealPage, click here!

Maintenance Contact Center is available to be added to Essential, Growth, or Premium packages. 


Getting Started

In order to begin using Maintenance Contact Center, you'll want to speak with a Buildium Value Added Services Consultant. You can click here to request more information, and we will reach out to discuss how Maintenance Contact Center can help you save time, become more efficient, and provide better service to your residents. 

Once your Maintenance Contact Center account implementation is complete, you will be directed to activate the integration with Buildium. This is an important step in the process—if not completed, Contact Center agents will NOT be able to access your tenant records and your resident requests will NOT sync to Buildium.

NOTE: To add Maintenance Contact Center (or any other RealPage integrated service) to your Buildium account, you'll need an Administrator on your Buildium account to complete the integration process. 

  • Upon completion of Maintenance Contact Center implementation, you will receive a Welcome email outlining the steps to activate your integration to Buildium. 
  • Click the link to start the activation process.
    • You will be asked for your Buildium login to confirm user role and access to Maintenance Contact Center. You must be an administrator on your Buildium account to complete this process.
  • After logging in to your Buildium account, you are shown the list of permissions that Maintenance Contact Center will need to connect to your Buildium account.
  • Review the necessary permissions, review and accept the Terms and Conditions, and click Allow access.
  • Next, you’ll be directed to log in to your Maintenance Contact Center account—using the RealPage Level One system—to finalize the process. Use the login credentials given to you by the Contact Center team.
    • NOTE: This is not your Buildium login. It is a separate user name & password that you were given by your Maintenance Contact Center Implementation Consultant. 
  • After you see the “Integration Activated” screen, the activation process is complete!
    • If you do NOT reach this screen, it's possible that your integration was not successfully activated.
  • You can now distribute your Maintenance Contact Center phone number to your residents to use for maintenance calls. 


For help with your Maintenance Contact Center account, you can reach the Contact Center support team by email at contactcenter@realpage.com

RealPage integrated services connect to your Buildium account and access specific types of data so that you don't have to manage two separate sets of information. Integrated services partners can either View data (data entered in Buildium is pushed into the partner's app or service) or Edit or Delete data (changes made in the partner's app or service are reflected in your Buildium account, automatically).

It's important to know how your integration connects in case you need to troubleshoot an issue when something doesn't look right.


Maintenance Contact Center is able to View the following:

  • Rentals > Leases, Tenants
  • Tasks > Tasks 

If any of the information in your Maintenance Contact Center account related to these data types doesn't look right to you, double-check that this information is entered correctly in Buildium.  


Maintenance Contact Center is able to Edit the following:

  • Tasks > Tasks 


Maintenance Contact Center is not able to Delete any data in your Buildium account at this time.


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