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Applicant Center

With our new Applicant Center, your prospective renters can create an account to save their progress on your rental application to finish later. Stay tuned for even more updates to this exciting new feature.

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Calculate Taxes on Management Fees

Now you can charge a tax on management fees. Simply indicate if the charge is percentage-based or flat, enter the value, and the system will take care of the rest when you use the management fee calculator. 

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Updated Rental Owner Statement View

We wanted reading financial statements and understanding cash flow to be easy and quick for everyone. With this beta preview, you'll be able to view transaction details by date in chronological order, giving you an accurate picture of a property's cash balance.

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Task and Work Order Updates for the Manager Mobile App

We know you need to manage your maintenance needs on the go, so we’re introducing updates to the manager mobile app that will make it closer to the experience on the web. These include creating work orders from scratch instead of creating a task first, and introducing bulk actions for tasks.

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Open API updates

With this latest round of updates to the Open API, we've expanded the access you have to your Association data in Buildium to help you better manage Association, Association Owner, and Association Tenant data.

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