Mark delinquency status on association ownership accounts

Easily view and track the delinquency status on association ownership accounts in Buildium—on both desktop and mobile app. With this feature, you can determine which association ownership accounts are in collections or if a home/unit in your community is in foreclosure. 

In this article, you'll learn how to:

Add, Update, and Remove Delinquency Status

You can mark an ownership account as being in the following of delinquency states: In Collection, In Foreclosure, or Foreclosed.

To add the status, navigate to an individual Ownership Account and select Add delinquency status.




Once you've selected and added the status, you can view the status back on the Ownership account page:


To update the status, navigate to the Ownership account page and click "Update delinquency status" in the top right of the screen. Then select the new status and click "Update status". The new status will then be saved. 


The delinquency status can also be updated from the ownership accounts grid page by clicking the overflow menu and selecting "Update delinquency status".


To delete the current status, click the "Update delinquency status" button on the Ownership account page and choose remove status from the bottom right of the pop up. 


Note: When a Delinquency Status is added, updated, or removed from an ownership account, we will log this action in the Event History for the ownership account and unit. We will create a new Event Category called Delinquency Status:


Filter by Delinquency Status

You can filter reports to include or exclude ownership accounts in each delinquency status.


These filters are available on the following pages and reports:

  • Ownership Accounts grid page
  • Outstanding account balances page 
  • Association owner statement report 
  • Delinquent association owner report 


Adjust Resident settings

From the Resident global settings page, you can adjust the settings to block associations owners that are tied to an ownership account with a delinquency status from receiving automated payment reminder emails. 

  • To adjust these settings, navigate to settings >> application settings >> residents
  • Then find the section titled "payment receipts" and check or uncheck the box depending on your preference.




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