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We just launched a central website just for residents. Now, there’s no need for them to remember your specific web address to log into their Resident Center. Instead, they can go to and log in with the same credentials they already have.

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Communicate with Applicants: Email & Log a Call

Timely communication with prospective tenants throughout the application process is critical to renting a unit quickly and efficiently, as well as keeping accurate and easily accessible records of those communications.

Customers on the Essential, Growth and Premium plans can now send emails to applicants directly through Buildium, log a call record with an applicant and track your communication history with each applicant.

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Create draft bills

Soon, you'll be able to save incomplete bills as drafts, so you won’t lose your progress in case you need to step away. This new feature lets: 

  • You to put a bill on hold so that you can make sure it does not get paid by another staff member
  • The payables team who enter bills to save their work and return to the draft later, so that they don’t lose their work if they’re not ready to save a bill in Buildium.

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Account for unpaid bills on the rental owner ending balance report

You wanted a better picture of what your properties’ available cash is, so you will soon be able to see your balances with unpaid bills taken into account on your Rental Owner Ending Balances report.

Rental endpoint enhancements in the Open API

We’ve made some enhancements to the rental data available to you through the Open API. This includes access to:

  • Taxpayer ID data which enables integrations where a taxpayer ID is needed to take action on collections
  • Staff members who are added to Buildium as rental owners in the Settings > Users menu
  • The lease monthly payment due date, which makes it easy to set up reports on when customers can expect payments
  • The Operating Bank Account ID for associations and rental properties
  • The security deposit value as the sum of all charges tied to the Security Deposit Liability General Ledger account on the lease ledger.

Available in our Premium plan, the Open API gives you access to your data within Buildium and allows you to link it to other outside tools and applications you use to run your business. 

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