What to do before enabling HelloSign in your Buildium account

We’re partnering with HelloSign to deliver a modern, easy-to-use eSignature integration that will replace the current Adobe eLease tool. Starting December 7, 2021, Buildium customers can choose to enable HelloSign and begin using the new eSignature tool on their account.


What happens when I enable HelloSign for my account?

Once you enable eSignature on your account, you will no longer have access to your Adobe eLease templates or any pending eLeases. Prior to enabling eSignature on your account, be sure to download and recreate any lease templates you plan to use in the new eSignature format. We recommend downloading all eLease templates currently stored in Buildium for safe keeping in case you need to revisit them at a later date.

If you have any pending eLeases in your account, we recommend that you either wait to enable the HelloSign integration until they are complete, or cancel the pending eLease and send a new lease agreement using the HelloSign integration.

Note: Any signed eLease documents and past or active leases will still be accessible through your Buildium account.


How to enable eSignature

  1. Before enabling eSignature, be sure to download all Adobe eLease templates currently stored in Buildium that you plan to use moving forward. Once eSignature is enabled, you will lose access to all Adobe eLease templates stored within Buildium. We recommend downloading all templates in case you need to revisit them in the future.
  2. Navigate to the new eSignature info page in Buildium. You can find this page under add-on services from the main navigation. From this page click "Try it now" at the top of the page.mceclip0.png
  3. The instruction module will ask you a few questions to ensure that you are prepared to enable eSignature.
    • “Ready to lose access to your eLease templates?” If you do not have copies of your lease templates that are accessible outside of Buildium, leave the workflow and download the eLease templates stored in Buildium. If you have already taken this step, select Yes and click Next.
    • “Ready to lose access to pending eLeases?” If you have pending eLeases within Buildium, leave the workflow and cancel your pending eLeases and recreate and send the lease using eSignature once enabled. You can also choose to wait until the pending eLease is complete before enabling eSignature. If you do not have any pending eLeases or you are prepared to resend the lease using eSignature, select Yes and click Next.
  4. If you have answered “Yes” to the questions presented, you can move forward with enabling the HelloSign eSignature integration by clicking Yes, turn on. If you feel you are not ready to enable eSignature, you have the option to close out of the module by clicking No, go back.

Using eSignature

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