Buildium Merge Fields

Buildium Merge fields are different from the standard autofill fields and give you the option to pull in very specific data from your Buildium account into the lease template. Merge field data includes everything from company and owner information to tenant information and lease specific values like rent amount and start dates. Adding in these merge fields allows you to use one lease template that is dynamic for every new tenant.

How to add a Buildium Merge field to a lease template in HelloSign

      1. To add a merge field to your lease template, first click on “signers” on the left toolbar and choose “sender” from the drop down menu. 
      2. Then, under “standard fields” on the left toolbar, click on “textbox” and then click on the area where you would like this field to be located within the template. 
      3. Once the textbox field has been placed, you will see a new menu on the right hand side of your screen.
      4. You will find a list of all the available Buildium merge fields under the section “what text goes here” 
      5. Click on the drop down menu and scroll through the list to find the data merge field you would like to pull into your template. 
      6. Simply select the desired data and the title will appear in the text box you previously placed. 
      7. Click and drag to adjust the placement and size of the merge field 
      8. You also have the option to adjust the font and font size of the text. 
      9. Repeat these steps for all of the merge field data you require in your lease template. 
        • Note: For names & email addresses, you can either use Buildium merge fields which will autofill all the data comma separated (John Doe, Jane Doe) or you can use the Auto-fill Fields which will only autofill the data for the signer you assigned it to (John Doe)


Full list of Buildium Merge Fields: 

  • Baths
  • Beds
  • Company Address (New)
  • Company Email 
  • Company name
  • Company Phone number 
  • Company URL 
  • Cosigner email (New)
  • Cosigner full name (New)
  • Current date
  • Current month 
  • Current year
  • Emergency contact name (New)
  • Emergency contact phone (New)
  • First month's rent (prorated) 
  • Lease end date 
  • Lease start date 
  • Lease term (New)
  • Property address line 1 
  • Property address line 2 
  • Property address line 3
  • Property city 
  • Property name 
  • Property state 
  • Property zip 
  • Rent 
  • Rental owner first name 
  • Rental owner full name
  • Rental owner last name 
  • Security deposit 
  • Staff member first name 
  • Staff member full name 
  • Staff member last name 
  • Tenant alternative address (New)
  • Tenant DOB (New)
  • Tenant email address
  • Tenant first name 
  • Tenant last name
  • Tenant phone number (New)
  • Tenant primary address (New)
  • Total Rent (New)
  • Unit address line 1  
  • Unit address line 2
  • Unit address line 3 
  • Unit City 
  • Unit number 
  • Unit state 
  • Unit ZIP Code


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