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Global search on the mobile app

Accessing the right information is the key to working faster. You can now use global search in the Buildium mobile app to quickly find the relevant files, people, tasks, and properties you need to manage your business.

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Revert user roles back to the default permissions

You can now easily view which user roles have been customized, and revert them back to their original state with the click of a button.

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Open API

We’ve expanded the Open API so you can retrieve tasks and vendor data from Buildium, and build custom integrations with any other applications you use. Available in our Premium plan, the Open API gives you access to your data within Buildium and allows you to link it to other outside tools and applications you use to run your business.

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Maintenance Analytics 

Coordinate and prioritize maintenance work, track and analyze staff and vendor performance and set goals and SLAs that will help make your business as efficient as possible. 

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Expense Analytics 

View total operating expenses across your business and cost tracking by property and unit that allows you to understand levels of available funds and the reasoning behind any low disbursements. Detect anomalies within utility expenses with year over year comparisons and estimate recurring property costs associated with utilities.    

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