Analytics Hub - Maintenance Metrics

We understand that staying on top of maintenance and repair work is one of the best ways to ensure your clients and tenants are happy.

Maintenance work and the expenses associated with it can have a direct impact on owner/investors' bottom line and can make a big difference with how happy tenants are with their living experience and whether or not they will renew a lease. 

With the Maintenance dashboard in the Analytics hub, you get access to key maintenance metrics that will help you coordinate and prioritize maintenance work, track and analyze staff and vendor performance and use the data to set goals and SLAs that will help make your business as efficient as possible. 

Note: Maintenance Analytics are available in the Growth and Premium Plans only.

Maintenance analytics include and in depth look at: 


Task Volume

The task volume card will give you a view of every task ever created, with the option to filter by priority, type, assignee and category. You can adjust dates to view task volume over time or for specific dates. 

The Task volume card will help you understand the types of work items created and how the work is distributed across your team. 


You also have the ability to drill down into the raw data to view:

  • Task ID 
  • Property 
  • Unit 
  • Address
  • Task subject 
  • Task type 
  • Task priority 
  • Task assignee 



Average time-on-tasks by type and by staff member

The Average time-on-task cards will help you understand how long maintenance work is taking your staff to complete so you will know if you are meeting your goals or SLAs with your clients and residents.

The average time-on-task by type card will show you the average number of days until a task is marked as complete, broken down by task type including Resident requests, To do’s, Rental owner requests, and contact requests. You can adjust dates to view average time-on-tasks for specific dates or all time. 



The time-on-tasks by staff card will show the average number of days it takes each staff member to mark tasks as complete. With the ability to drill down into the raw data to view: 

  • Task ID 
  • Task Subject 
  • Staff assignee 
  • Task created date 
  • Task completed date 
  • Time to complete task 
  • Assigned duration 
  • Type 
  • Priority 
  • Category 



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