New Beta: Apply communication preferences (email/mailing) to resident statements


Be the first to apply communication preferences to mailings in Buildium. With this beta, you’ll have the option to apply email/mailings preferences to tenant and association owner statements. This option helps remove the manual steps around tracking and applying preferences to mailings.


When drafting mailing statements you will now be able to easily choose to send statements to only recipients who prefer to receive mailings, or send to all recipients. This option ensures that you are following resident's selected preferences, without the manual work of tracking which residents prefer to receive mailings vs emails. 


When choosing to email statements, you will also be able to make a selection based on preferences.



To join the beta and start using this new communication preference functionality, navigate to Settings>> Application settings>> Beta features. From the Beta features page, switch the toggle to "on". 


  1. Compose Assoc. Owner or Tenant statement mailing same as today (Note: Mailing cannot be grouped by unit)
  2. From the mailings grid or timeline, select your desired action (Email, EZmail, or Print manually)
  3. Select whether to continue with all recipients OR exclude those whose preferences don’t align



  • During this beta test, this functionality will only apply to resident statements.
  • Residents set preferences in the Resident Center.


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